Graphic novels, dreams

Read a fabulous graphic novel yesterday on the recommendation of Dan’s teacher. The Left Bank Gang by Norwegian cartoonist (is this the right word? graphic novelist?) Jason is an imaginative tale set in 1920’s Paris and featuring some of the most eminent writers of the 20th century rendered as anthropomorphic animals. Beautifully coloured panels, elements […]

Fiddlehead, Nothing Sacred, XMAS!

Just found out that an excerpt from Love Minus Zero has been accepted by The Fiddlehead. Yes! Very pleased to be appearing in their pages again, and pleased about the exposure the book will get from it. Mark Jarman also tells me that CBC radio is interviewing him next week about his Xmas reading and […]

The Plague, The Globe, The Coalition

Awesome, I thought when I arrived home from my tour. Now I can get after some of that not-Writing stuff that I’ve been neglecting, stuff like unpacking…hanging pictures…oh, and Xmas. Yeah, that. Let’s face it, the mother of two pre-teens has a bit to do before Xmas. But then all the gents got some kind […]