Wow — was last night one of the best nights of my life? I would have to say so. Top five, anyway. Incredible! The launch was a success on all fronts, I think. The turnout was 70, many more than I dared to hope for, and we sold 45 books. Yeah! Great support from everyone who showed up: the old friends / punk rock contingent, neighbours, former library colleagues, writing buds and of course a few relatives. Among the many I hadn’t seen in ages was Dusty Kelly, a punk rock mate I hadn’t seen since high school and who’s lived in Vancouver for many years, changed her business flight to Calgary so she could come. Then a larger group retired to the dear ol’ Hop Inn Brew Pub to celebrate. It was a blast. And yes, I have been a bit tired today. But what a night!

Tomorrow I’m putting in an appearance from 11:30 – 12:00 at Owl’s Nest’s Independents Day celebration, signing only. Then it’s off to Saskatoon Monday and Edmonton Thursday. Meanwhile, Pages on Kensington tells me they’ve put an order in with Oberon and have had several inquiries so far. Cool.

Also, I have been Chapters / Indigoized:

On the other hand, banal reality also beckons. Like I should get offa this thing and make some supper.

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