Launchmas Eve

The day before the big night. Wrapping stuff up. Finished the last rehearsal — I think it sounded pretty good. Clocked in at just a shade under fourteen minutes, including my little intro, so I think that should be fine. As long as I can keep it that slow, as long as I don’t end up sounding like The Chipmunks, which is possible. We have almost all the stuff — my copy of the book, the liquor permit, the wine, the glasses, the napkins. I need to get my pens ready — the right pens, the numinous pens (don’t ask). And we need to pick up the cheese platter on the way to the library.

I’m looking forward to the event, but what I’m especially looking forward to is having the reading part of it over. I still cannot help but marvel at the irony of me getting into another form of artistic expression that involves performing in front of an audience. Oh, well, have to do it.
Then there’s the Owl’s Nest Author’s Day event on Saturday, the Saskatoon reading Monday and the Edmonton reading next Thursday. Then I’ll be done with that kind of thing for a while. I hope.

Getting plenty of good wishes pouring in, and they do help, folks. Thanks so much. Apparently someone has sent me flowers; got a call that a delivery is on its way. Wonder who? Auntie Marnie would be my guess.


Floral update: Just called my Mom to thank her for the orchids! Wow! I knew if I lived long enough, someone would send me orchids.

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