The tour

So I got back from Edmonton yesterday afternoon. I was happy with the way things went. The crowd was small, but high quality. One was a sweet young punk girl who wants to be a writer, I really enjoyed talking to her. Audrey’s invited me back next year to read from the next book. Went […]


Wow — was last night one of the best nights of my life? I would have to say so. Top five, anyway. Incredible! The launch was a success on all fronts, I think. The turnout was 70, many more than I dared to hope for, and we sold 45 books. Yeah! Great support from everyone […]

Launchmas Eve

The day before the big night. Wrapping stuff up. Finished the last rehearsal — I think it sounded pretty good. Clocked in at just a shade under fourteen minutes, including my little intro, so I think that should be fine. As long as I can keep it that slow, as long as I don’t end […]

Got a Whole Lotta Books

Wow, a whole box of books just arrived here! Cool! That’s a very weird feeling, I’ll tell you. Good weird, but still weird. I’ll send one to Diane, one to my sister, maybe one to Roger. Gotta give my mom one. The rest? Maybe lots of people will be getting them for Xmas, you never […]

We Meet at Last; Bonding With the Book

Had a great time at Mark Jarman’s reading on Friday. He’s a wonderful reader; very relaxed and natural, added plenty of interesting asides about the piece he read, “A Nation Plays Chopsticks”, from his new collection My White Planet. So far I’ve only read the first story, “Night March in the Territory”, which I also […]