Increase Your Font Size

Lunched with my pal Rona yesterday and she convinced me to check out the poster for my event on the notice board at Calhoun Library. Wow, there it was, among the posters for M.G. Vassanji and Andrew Nikiforuk. And just like Rona said, my poster had a huge font on it. Whoa, must have been 24 point or something. Cool. Stood right out.

Rona’s my main booster. The lady standing and reading the notices was interested and Rona got right in there and told her all about me and my book. I stood there and blushed. “So you wrote that?” she asked. I admitted I did. “Oh, well I’m writing a book right now. Well, that is I have some ideas for one…”

I continue to be astounded by the numbers of people who have ideas for books.

Ran into an old library supervisor of mine at Safeway this morning. She hadn’t heard the news yet, so it was fun to fill her in. Yes, this is the kind of excitement my days are filled with.

However, things should become more exciting soon. Nick at Oberon tells me they hope to have me a book by Hallowe’en. Also the same day Mark Jarman reads from My White Planet. Sounds like an action-packed day.

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