Good to a Fault Very Good; Waiting…

I am totally blown away by Marina Endicott’s Good to a Fault. It’s one of those rare books you don’t want to put down, one that I find myself reading till way past bedtime. Compelling, believable and written in spare, elegant prose. Wow. Many times I’m not that impressed by big award nominations. I’ve read (or started to read) dull books that have won big prizes, and I’ve read wonderful books that were shunned by the award thing entirely. It really restores my faith to see such a good book being shortlisted for a big prize like the Giller, even if it is published by a small press.

Speaking of small press books, things seem to be falling into place for Love Minus Zero’s world tour. The bookstores concerned all have their orders in. I checked, after the Adrienne Gruber fiasco; her books didn’t make it to her reading in Calgary! I have wine glasses and napkins, hotel and air reservations all set. Now I just need some books. Last Friday Nick at Oberon told me they were “printing on the night shift in Toronto RIGHT NOW!” (I think he senses my anxiety), and that they should be shipping very soon. It’s hard at this point not to bug him several times a day. When are they shipping? Are they shipping now? Now? Now?

Uh, now?

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