Frankie Venom; Good to a Fault; Rehearsals

I was stunned to read of the death of Frankie Venom, lead singer of Teenage Head, at age 51 from throat cancer. I still have hearing damage from seeing them at the Stampeder Inn here in the town of cows in the early ’80s. They were probably the highest energy act I ever saw (well, maybe Iggy Pop gave them a run for their money) and they were working up to the very end. Wow. He’ll be missed, no question.

In happier news, my signed copy of Marina Endicott’s Giller short-listed novel Good to a Fault arrived here today. I had the good fortune to win it in a contest Freehand Books put on. Editor Melanie Little and her colleagues did an amazing job with their inaugural lineup –congratulations to all of you, and good luck with the Giller!

And in my own personal not-that-exciting news, I’ve begun rehearsing my reading for the Memorial Park Library launch on November 13th. I’m using the tiny hand held recorder that I bought this summer, and it’s quite helpful to go back and listen for mumbling, strange inflections, etc. Hope I can polish it up a bit before the big night.

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