Oh, my blog

Had coffee yesterday with a writer I met at the CAA conference in the summer. One of the many things we talked about was blogs. The thing about having a blog to do with your writing, we concluded, is that there generally aren’t that many exciting events going on, or ones that warrant blogging about, in my opinion. Thus it is here, I’m afraid. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to say something, it’s just what to say. Oh, that.

Okay, so tonight I’m going to the Betty Jane Hegerat / Adrienne Gruber reading at Pages. Adrienne Gruber is a poet who has a book out with Thistledown Press, so it should be an interesting mix. I’m also dressing in black, as today is Black for the Arts Day, apparently. I’m thinking, yeah, not a stretch for a lot of artsy types to wear black. Often do it anyway. Now, if they’d called it Ill-Fitting Cheap Sky Blue Sweater Vest for the Arts Day, that’d be something.

Latest on the book: I hear the covers are printed. The insides are printed. They just need to be glued together. I suppose they’ll be gluing them together soon, and then I guess I will see them. The little darlings.

Well, time to drag the dog to school to pick up the gentlemen. Happy Thanksgiving all.

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