Maggie, MJ, something else that starts with ‘M’

Came across this piece by Margaret Atwood that ran in Wednesday’s Globe and Mail about Harper and the arts. I think she hits it right on the head:

Mark Jarman has asked me to spread the word that he is reading at Pages on Kensington on October 31. I get a break from my candy girl duties for a change! Looking forward to getting a personalized copy of My White Planet.

Things on the domestic front are settling down. The house is gradually taking shape as it should; the piles are slowly migrating to the most obvious places for them. Dan and I are enjoying our Monday night karate classes. He was going to just sign up for it, and then I found one that we could both go to. Since he was agreeable I thought I’d better take advantage, since it won’t be long before he won’t want to be seen with me in public. KI-YA!

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