Love Minus Zero Saskatoon reading Nov. 17 / 08

The good people at McNally Robinson’s Saskatoon store are hosting a reading for me on Monday, Nov. 17th (Calgary launch is Thursday, Nov. 13th at Memorial Park Library). They’re doing a bang-up job of publicity for the event, too, which I really appreciate. And which makes me rue the loss of the Calgary store even more, but never mind. Here’s the event listing from their site:

In other news, the move is progressing. Every time we move we have more stuff, and more stuff to get rid of. It makes me want to dump it all and live in a cave. Or just have someone else move it for me anyway. We should be all moved in by Sunday.

But I’ll be taking a break from the drudgery of moving to go to Freehand Books’ first Calgary launch on Friday night at Pages. Editor Melanie Little should be proud of her lineup this season, it looks great!

Makes me think I ought to try writing something again sometime.

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