Dispatch from among the moving boxes

Proofs arrived from Oberon on Sunday and I sent back my corrections last night. Oy, I am picky. Oh, well. So, things roll on with that. It looks good!

Attended the launch of WordFest with Rona yesterday morning and did some schmoozing. As much schmoozing as I’m capable of at 10 AM, which I’m afraid ain’t much. Oh, well.

Had a photo session with the talented Jenn Tzanakos on Sunday and now I’m set up with some authorly-looking photos. Thanks so much, Jenn.

And the house is sold! That’s a relief. And they get it on the 15th! Things are just insanely busy at the moment, but hopefully once we get over there it will all start to come together. Or perhaps it will just come apart. That’s possible, too.

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