Room; Rooms

Just about to tuck into one of my copies of Room 31.2, which arrived in the mail today. As well as my story “Close to the Bone”, it features work by Ingrid Ruthig, Aislinn Hunter and many others. Looking forward to a good, long read. But who’s had time to read lately? Finally have a […]

Good times, bad times

Okay, not so much bad as…annoying?…stressful? We had an open house today and had 15 — 20 groups of people through, and two offers. Both of which fell flat. Ended up getting kicked out of the house three times today. Which is why I’m drinking this very fine organic Paddywhack IPA from Nelson, BC, courtesy […]


I’m not actually overwhelmed, not yet. But. Let’s just say there’s a lot going on. Mostly just the same stuff that was going on before — house showings, moving preparations. Trying to get a grant application together to be in Edmonton by September 1. A photo shoot is now set for Aug. 31, outside or […]