Catalogued, world tour, etc.

As an ex-library staff person, I have to say it was a pretty big thrill to look myself up in Calgary Public Library’s catalogue the other day. On order. Cool. My chum Jan even put a hold on the book, doncha know, so it really looks official now. Yep, things are really rolling along here — we got a price (two, actually — $39.95 hardcover, $19.99 paper). We got ISBNs. My son Nick asked me if I’d memorized them. No. Not yet.

In between house showings, I spent the last week trying to set up the big tour I’m going on after my Calgary launch on November 13th. I’m booked in at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon and am trying to get a date at Audrey’s in Edmonton. I had initially hoped to hit Victoria as well, but it seems not so easy to set up a reading there as I’d hoped. So for now I may just leave it at Edmonton and Saskatoon.

As of Wednesday, we’re on vacation until mid-August and all looking forward to some Island time. This summer has been absolutely nutty so far and it will be great to get away for a while. Maybe we won’t want to come back.

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