Everything happens all at once

I’ve also noticed that nothing seems to happen all at once, but at this moment it is the everything phase. A few of the exciting things happening: my forty-fifth birthday, buying a new house in a better location in our neigbourhood and getting ready to put our current one up for sale on Monday.

And the arrival of my contract (and cheque!) for Love Minus Zero from Oberon Press. Yay! Naturally it would arrive as I’m about to go out the door to the CanWrite conference here in Edmonton. However, I’ll have a good look at it when I get home on Sunday. It feels good, though. There are still times when I think I just imagined all of this. Thistledown Press also sent me a heads up that my contract is on its way for my short story collection, Nothing Sacred, out in Fall 2009.

And I won a pair of tickets to The Vinyl Cafe Xmas Show thanks to my contribution to the 100 Years, 100 Stories Project on the CPL site. Cool.

The conference looks like it’s going to be excellent. The opening reception at the U of A Bookstore was fun, and the sessions look great. It’s very hot here in Edmonton, especially so in my dorm room here in Lister Hall, but I got the last fan at the front desk and it’s helping. More later.

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