The plan so far

I was in touch with Nick at Oberon yesterday and now have a rough idea of what will be going on the next few months. Contract is forthcoming shortly, and the proofs will be along sometime later (that will be weird). The books should be back from the printers by mid-October, but he warned me […]


While the James Muretich Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus event that took place Sunday night at Old Flames Central doesn’t really have anything to do with either of my books, directly, it was a good promo event. And an opportunity to catch up with some of the punk gang from ye olden days. Holy. Saw The […]


Just got back from Express Posting a hard copy of Love Minus Zero to Oberon Press. That feels good. It occured to me while I was printing it that I will probably never have to print it again. That also feels good, because I’ve printed that sucker and shipped it off quite a few times. […]